The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from your real estate goals. Our community is opening up and you can’t miss out on our special offer. Secure an acre of land now in our estate and complete payment within three months. Free yourself from land guards, litigation, agents, and the risk of losing your investment to fraudsters and third parties.


Reserve yours now. Terms and conditions apply.

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    How much is a plot?

    Currently, we are selling in acres. An acre is selling at GHS330,000

    Is there a payment plan?

    Yes, once commitment is shown, a deposit between 30% – 50% is required and the balance is to be paid over a three month period.

    Are the lands in your estate?

    Yes, it’s in Ubuntu Haven which is 10 minutes away from the Valley View University.

    Do you accept payments in installment?

    Yes, once commitment is shown, a deposit of 30% – 50% is required and the balance is paid over a three month period.

    Where is it located?

    Oyibi, Old Sasabi

    What is the total size?

    7.44 acres & 5.24 acres=12.68 acres

    Is it registered?

    Yes, it is.

    Does the property have working connections for water, electricity, sewage, internet.

    Yes, you would have access to water, electricity, sewage, and internet connection.

    Are there any planning controls, will any outlay apply, are there any encumbrances or restrictions?

    There are no controls from our end as a Company, but the buyer must make sure to abide by Government Town and Planning Regulations eg. The area is earmarked as a residential area thus should be observed as so.

    How soon can the documents be handed over to me after payment?

    The processing of documents begins with at least 50% deposit.