What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu means unity or togetherness.

Can I get a property to buy at Ubuntu Courts, Oyarifa?

No. All 118 units are sold out but for 1(One) that is left. However, we have an active secondary market that resells their houses due to high returns.

Have you started a new project?

Our current project is Ubuntu Haven which will consist of 230 houses.

Where is the Ubuntu Haven, your new project?

It is situated at Oyibi, 10 minutes drive from the Valley View University.

How far is Ubuntu Haven from Accra?

It is 20 minutes drive from the Adenta barrier.

What are some of the landmarks at Ubuntu Haven?

Valley View University and Old Sasaabi junction, Oyibi Police Station.

How can one access Ubuntu Haven?

One can access our estate through four entry routes:

  • From Accra: Accra – Dodowa road
  • From Tema: Tema – Akosombo road
  • From Aburi: Oyarifa through Danfa
  • From Dodowa Larteh : Somanya Akosombo road

Why that location?

  • Our estate is situated such that it keeps you away from the noisy and busy city of Accra.
  • Our estate is strategically located such that it has four entries and exits routes linking to Accra, Tema, Aburi and Dodowa.
  • Accra is congested; as a result you can get decent houses outside its periphery.  There are new residential estate springing up all over the outskirt of Accra

How big is Ubuntu Haven?

It covers a land size area of 30.2 acres and will consist of a total of 230 housing units.

What are the house types at Ubuntu Haven?

  • Smart Executive 2 Bedroom Terrace house.
  • Smart Executive 3 Bedroom Terrace house.
  • 2 Bedroom Semi-detached Regular (Expandable to 3BD) House.
  • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Regular House.
  • 2 Bedroom Semi-detached Deluxe House.
  • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Deluxe House.
  • 3 Bedroom Detached with Outhouse.

What are the plot sizes?

  • Smart Executive 2 Bedroom Terrace house – (36×62).
  • Smart Executive 3 Bedroom Terrace house – (36×62).
  • Semi-detached 2 Bedroom Regular (Expandable to 3BD) House- (54×62).
  • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Regular House- (54×62).
  • 2 Bedroom Semi-detached Deluxe House- (50×85).
  • 3 Bedroom Semi-detached Deluxe House- (50×85).
  • 3 Bedroom Detached with Outhouse – (75×81).

Are there additional fees or other costs that I need to know about?

  • Documentation for Indenture
  • Cost of Utility Meters and its connection
  • Cost of CAM (Amount can only be confirmed upon occupancy)

What are the terms of payments?

  • Self Financing option.
  • Full payment upfront.
  • Make a deposit of between 10-20% now and spread the rest over a period of 1year.
  • Mortgage option · Between 10 – 20% down payment and the balance payment financed with a mortgage.

Do you OFFER discounts?

Yes, we are running a 20% discount on our regular and deluxe houses.

How can I purchase a house using mortgage?

Contact your preferred mortgage provider and present all necessary documents for processing. Make payment of the required down payment to UT properties and the remaining purchase price amount will be released to UT Properties by your mortgage provider.

Are the properties sold as leases or freehold?

Leasehold (70 years) and renewable

Do you allow home buyers to vary the house design?

To some extent, you can vary the internal design; however for the sake of uniformity we discourage any external variation

Can home buyers request changes in their units after purchase has been made

Yes, depending on the availability of the preferred units.

What sort of community is the Ubuntu Haven?

It is a gated community where residents enjoy all the safety, security and comfort needed.

What amenities and facilities will be available?

  • 24/7 security services.
  • Estate management services.
  • 24/7 water supply.
  • Common lawn areas.
  • Tarred road.
  • Covered drains.
  • 2 No. Swimming pools.
  • Tennis ball court.
  • Basketball court.
  • Shopping area.

How much is the management fees or CAM fees?

It is decided by the residents working closely with the estate management team upon assuming occupancy

How is the estate to be managed?

It is managed by the estate management team of UT Properties.

What makes Ubuntu Haven so secure?

  • 24/7 security services
  • Security entry and exit doors
  • Well lit streets
  • Length of partitioning walls for easy access by next door neighbours in times of need.

Is the estate environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our common lawn areas, tarred roads and bio-fill digester technology make our estate environmentally friendly.

What is the purchase process?

  • Contact our sales team to book a visit to our development site
  • Discuss payment options with the sales team
  • Pick, complete and submit an application form
  • Receive an offer letter and Sale & purchase agreement from UT indicating general terms and conditions as well as price.
  • Return the endorsed offer letter and sale & purchase agreement
  • Make the required initial deposit for an allocation
  • Expect periodic updates from sales team on progress of work and payments

At what stage can I take occupancy of my property?

After carrying out a thorough inspection of the property, full payment is made, documents signed and keys handed over.

What happens when I default in payment?

We will initially notify you of your obligation to make payments as per our agreement. If you are still in default of payment we will then notify you in writing to come for a discussion on the repayment schedule and timelines. Should you still be in default after these agreed deadlines then we will reallocate the house to someone else and put your money into another house.

What happens when I decide to pull out?

We will try to work closely with you as much as possible so that it does not reach that stage.

Can I pass on ownership of property?

Yes, however you have to notify UTP officially and the estate management team

Can I rent out my property?

Yes. However you have to notify UTP and the estate management team.

What is covered in my monthly Common Area Maintenance Fees?

  • Refuse disposal
  • 24/7 Security
  • Maintenance of street lights
  • Maintenance of drainage system
  • Maintenance of shared lawn areas
  • Use of communal facilities

Are there activities available to residents?

Yes. Residents engage in periodic community meetings, keep fits, barbeques and end of year parties.

Do I need insurance cover?

You need insurance if are paying through mortgage. However it is advisable for all home owners to have insurance for their own benefit

What about digital satellite TV, DSTV, etc?

Yes. Home owners are at liberty to provide pay TV services on their own

Who maintains the grounds of the estate?

Our Estate Management Team is responsible for the common shared areas of the estate, however home owners are responsible for maintaining internals within their perimeter fence wall by working closely with the estate management team for security reasons

When can I collect the key to my unit?

You can collect your keys when inspection is done, full payment is made, and all documents have been signed

What is the procedure for key collection?

The estate management team together with the your sales representative will conduct handing over on site

Can my relatives and friends collect the key on my behalf?

Yes. Once you issue a power of attorney nominating them to do so and they present a valid ID.

Do I need to obtain approval for renovation works in my unit?

Yes, In order to maintain the uniformity of the houses, to conform to estate management rules and to get security clearance.

How do I apply for utilities and how long does it take for activation?

UT Properties will install meters in all the houses for all utilities; however for electricity consumption, bills will be paid directly to ECG whiles water will be managed by UT Properties.