Company Background

UT Properties Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UT Holdings Limited specialized in real estate development and management. We design, build, sell and manage real estate to enhance the net worth of our customers.

Our vision is to be a recognized customer-focused real estate company in the provision of innovative property solutions in West Africa. UT Properties Limited is an independent firm of Property Valuers, Property Managers, Property Developers, Leasing Consultants, and Property Investment Analysts with years experience in advising the UT Group of Companies and clients on property-related issues.

We recognize the need for sound professional advice in order to reap optimum returns from any form of investment. The nature of property is such that the need for a well-trained and experienced professional cannot be overemphasized. The personnel at UT Properties Limited are well placed to offer the services required by investors. They are well trained and have a varied professional experience.

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Our Values

Our DNA is made up of E-TRIP:
Efficiency – We give our best in our dealings.
Teamwork – We work together to achieve all our set goals.
Respect – Everyone is given due regard and treated as equals at UTP.
Integrity – We care about the image we leave behind.
Professionalism – We pride ourselves on delivering the best always.